Gettasavannah ONX of Savannahtemple

Savannah, as you might guess, resemble a miniature of a wild serval. The breed standards require all traits were as close as possible to the African serval. Depending on the generation, they differ significantly in size and weight. It is a large cat (but not as huge as it is reported on the Internet). Due to the random factors of hybrid genetics, there can be significant differences in size, even within the same litter. Females are much smaller than males of their generation. Savannah is a muscular, but slender and skillful cat. Its walk resembles a lurking serval; elegant, resilient but also careful. Savannah has a small head, shaped like a triangle, with a tapered chin. Savannah's ears should resemble serval ears, which feature the largest ears of any cat relative to the size of the head. Set on high, wide at the base, rounded at the ends. On the back of the ears there are bright spots of "ocelli", very characteristic of wild cats, which in nature deter predators. The cat's eyes are almond-shaped, bright yellow, green, golden or caramel brown in color. In the inner corners of the eyes, the so-called tears - black, oblong spot like in a cheetah or serval. A long and slender neck progresses to a full chest. It accentuates the wild elegance of the animal. The paws, like the servals, are large and help the cats to make very long jumps. They can jump very far and high from the spot. Croup and loin strong, legs straight and long, back legs slightly longer than the front legs. Thick tail best ending before the ground

Color of cats of this breed: black, silver tabby, brown / golden tabby (most popular), smoky. The hair is spotted with spots of various sizes, black or brown in color. Dark stripes are visible from the back of the head to the shoulders