SavvyPaws ASTRUS of Savannahtemple

Mother SavvyPaws Lathliss Uil & Father Surreal Assassin


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Gettasavannah ONX of Savannahtemple

Mother Drinkwater Messina & Father Drinkwater Troy

Onyx is the seventh generation from his wild serval. F7.

It would seem that he has just little connection with the wild serval. Nothing could be further from the truth, the character is like the sweetest purr, but the appearance is still very much like a wild cat. 

And he is a real gem for the SBT generation

We are proud to have Onyx in our cattery. To our knowledge, he is the only mating cat in Europe, whose both parents come from Drinkwater cattery.


Iwannasavannah Rubi of Savannahtemple

Mother Iwannasavannah Nuala & Tata - Surreal Rafiki

She has a perfect golden color with inky large black spots.
Ma doskonały złoty kolor z atramentowymi dużymi czarnymi plamami.
Rubi is a slender cat with all the traits a breed should have, which are often lost after the fourth generation. Like long legs and rounded ears, and also mentioned a golden, warm color.
After Rubi and Onyx we expect to have the most beautiful Savannah cats in Europe! 100% American blood from the best breeders in the world! We expect the babies to have a wild, bold color and a super sweet personality.

Savannahglam Meri of Savannahtemple

Mother - Savannahglam Bronte & Father - Kimondo (Serwal)

Her mother comes from the Select Exotic USA line. A big, beloved but cautious serval golden-colored girl. We're looking forward to her Onyx babies. They are also best friends. We are the only cattery in Poland who will be able to offer F2 cats. If you are new to this breed and you are considering one of our high generation kittens, we will be very happy to help you, answer your questions and give you some tips.

Akilahcat Atiye of Savannahtemple

Mother Akilahcat Jana & Tata - Savannahjungle Cappuccino

Atiye (Atik for family and friends). Savannah F4, the fourth generation from the serval.

She is a sweet, long-legged beauty! It has a cold golden color with a bright serval belly and inky black spots.

Atik came to us from Russia from an experienced and well-known breeder. We expect beautiful cats with a perfect type for SBT. I hope that we will be able to create perfect cats when it comes to build with the combination of a distinct color, which we hope the kittens will inherit from their daddy