Savannahglam Meri of Savannahtemple

A good diet is essential to your cat's overall development and appearance. The nutritional requirements are the same as that of the average domestic cat. Every cat, regardless of its breed, must be properly fed! Savannah cat grows rapidly, so proper nutrition is essential. It has a slightly higher demand for taurine, which should be supplemented in right doses. They do not require a raw meat diet, but it will be the most nutritious for them, if properly prepared. Cats also love whole prey, i.e. day-old chickens, mice and quails. It is a fully balanced source of proper nutrition, as well as having fun. Whole Prey can be ordered online. Animals are frozen and previously humanely treated. If you are unable to feed with the Barf diet or you are afraid that you will do it wrong, choose only the best quality cat wet food. EVERY CAT IS A MEATHER ANIMAL!