What Do You Need to Know About the SAVANNAH?

Co Musisz Wiedzieć o Rasie SAVANNAH?

The Savannah cat is only an indoor cat. We do not allow it to be released outside in an unsecured garden. We want our cats to be only at homes that are adapted to the specificis of the breed. Preferably a safe enclosure is directly accessible from the house.

Savannah and a child - Savannah if it comes from a breeder with good socialization, cats of this breed are suitable for children in most cases. However, I would suggest that the child be over 10 years old when it comes to the F1-F3 generations, that he also understands the cat. The F4 generations and above are more gentle. They get used to a busier home and feel relaxed with the whole family.

Savannah and the dog - Cats of this breed have no problem with other animals. They also can be friends with dogs. Definitely, in this case, it depends most on the dog.

Hypersensitivity to anesthetics

Savannah cats may have shock reactions to some of the anesthetics used for anesthesia, according to some sources. Mainly ketamine, so other drugs are used preventively for procedures that require. A similar reaction was also observed in other hybrids (e.g. the Bengal cat).